How To Dispose Of Helium Tank ?

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  • Published Date: Jul 3, 2024
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Inflating balloons at home has never been easier than using a helium tank. There are a lot of people who celebrate at their homes and businesses and have their helium tanks.

But now you have the problem of how to dispose of Helium tank. You may rest assured that recycling your helium tank is a straightforward and sensible decision.

The purpose of this page is to answer frequently asked questions about how to dispose of empty helium tanks and to give comprehensive guidance on the subject, covering topics such as balloon time recycling.

Step 1: Opening of the top valve

Push the valve to the left until it stops. Doing so will open the valve all the way, releasing any remaining gas from the tank. To prevent inhaling excessive amounts of helium, open the windows or release the valve outdoors.

Step 2: Removing the gas pressure from the tank

When you’re ready to fill the balloons with helium, just push the lever on this nozzle. A hissing sound will be audible as the nozzle descends; this signifies the discharge of pressure from the tanks. When you hear a noise that stops, it’s time to release all the pressure by holding down the nozzle.

Step 3: Puncturing the side of the relief disc

On the helium tank’s rear shoulder is where you may locate the relief disk. You can usually find this by looking for the labels. Set the disc on top of the screwdriver’s head and pound the handle with a hammer. You need to keep hammering the screwdriver until you make a hole.

Step 4: Removing the relief disk

Wear gloves and stay away from the perforated edges of the disc if you can; the disk may be sharp. Take off your gloves and use them to pull the disc away from the tank.
Make more holes in the disc if it still won’t come out easily.
To remove a broken disc piece, use a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer to puncture the remaining disc, and then pry it out by hand.

Step 5: Marking the hole as empty and drawing a circle around it

Mark off with a permanent marker the exact location of the tank’s opening where the relief disk once resided. Express the tank’s status as “empty” beneath the circle. This will let the recycling center know that the tank is good to go for processing.

Step 6: Disposal of the helium tank

Take the tank to a recycling facility for disposal if such is a possibility in your region. In addition, you may get information about the closest drop-off spots and planned collection days for such products by contacting your local municipality or waste management facility.

Reusing or Recycling the helium tank

Return the reusable helium tank to its original provider. You can reuse a lot of helium tanks. Send the helium tank back to the store from where you got it. You might even get cash back from certain places if you return your tanks in excellent shape.

You may recycle your empty helium tanks at some facilities or junk pickup services. Because not all services have the necessary equipment, it is usually a good idea to phone ahead and make sure.


Avoid High Temperatures

Keep the helium tank in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunshine, and away from heat; it might burst under pressure

Avoid Disposing At The Curbside

Keep it away from the curb if you aren’t sure the helium tank is empty. Throw it out in the trash instead; it’s harmful. Any damage to or rupture in a garbage truck or recycling center might cause the pressurized gas within a helium tank to explode.

Avoid Inhaling the Gas

Suffocation can occur rapidly if you breathe in helium because it blocks your airways from getting oxygen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are empty helium tanks dangerous after disposal?
Yes, helium tanks may be harmful if they aren’t handled carefully, as they contain pressurized gas. For this reason, it’s vitally necessary to recycle or dispose of them appropriately.

How can I properly dispose of helium tanks from Walmart?
Taking your tanks to a nearby recycling facility or hazardous waste disposal site is likely the best course of action.


It may seem like a huge task, but properly disposing of helium tanks is possible with enough preparation and study. If you want to recycle, you may use balloon time, go to a recycling facility, or join an exchange program. Environmental stewardship is also important to remember. The careful disposal of helium tanks makes the environment safer for everyone. Anytime you need rubbish removed, many junk removal services will be there to help.

I hope that now you know: How to dispose of Helium Tank.