Best Junk Removal Services in Massachusetts

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  • Published Date: Feb 23, 2024
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If you’re a homeowner, company owner, or property manager in need of a rapid and thorough junk removal of an estate or rental property, you are at the right place. If you need any unwanted trash or garbage hauled away, Junk Ryde’s junk removal professionals are here to assist.

You won’t have to waste time and energy hiring a dumpster if you use our junk removal service. We’ll come get it all in one day and remove it from your property.

Our Junk removal services include:

  • Full-house cleanouts
  • Minor demolition in many areas
  • Removal of heavy things like refrigerators and furniture
  • Collection of various types of waste and construction debris.

Except for hazardous materials, Junk Ryde can handle just about everything. So that you don’t have to, let us take care of the tedious tasks.

What makes Junk Ryde the most unique Junk removal service?


If you need rubbish removed, just let us know! We know our way around a move. When you choose our clutter removal service, we’ll bring the same level of professionalism that has made us a household name in the residential and commercial moving industries to your location. We remember to always put your safety first while you are eliminating undesired stuff.

Credible crew

Each crew is drug tested, background checked, and properly trained to ensure that your house or building is safe during the removal procedure. To prevent driveway and property damage, our personnel are well-trained in the right use of the junk removal truck, including how to securely load objects for safe transportation.

Wide range of Junk Removal

When you hire us to remove unwanted objects from your house or company, we may haul away things in the following:

Residential Junk Removal

  • Appliances
  • Carpeting & rugs
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses & box springs
  • Refrigerators & freezers
  • Yard waste
  • House Cleanouts
  • Garage Cleanout
  • TVs, ACs, tires, glass

Commercial Junk Removal

  • Storage Unit
  • Real Estate
  • Office Cleanouts
  • Estate Cleanout


  • Construction waste
  • Hot tubs
  • Decks
  • Swing sets

We save your time and energy

If you’d rather not deal with the burden of lugging that big, heavy object and finding out how to get rid of it, our rubbish removal professionals are here to assist. So that you may devote your time and energy to more meaningful pursuits, we will collect and dispose of all of your unwanted furniture, including beds, sofas, futons, chairs, tables (both dining and kitchen), bookshelves, cabinets, and more.

Easy appointments

Appointments are easy to make. We have the necessary equipment, and our same-day junk removal personnel will arrive promptly in our trucks. Then, we will remove all of your junk and unwanted stuff!

Fast response

When customers contact local companies like Junk Ryde, they usually get a faster response. In an emergency, our proximity to your location means we can get to you faster and with less hassle. 

Eco-friendly junk solutions

To the extent that we can, we will recycle or donate your trash as part of our eco-friendly objective. We aim to recycle 60% or more of every job, and we’re the only national firm that does it through a local sorting facility!

The simplest procedure, most affordable prices, and best service are what you can anticipate when you work with Junk Ryde.

Affordable services

When opposed to bigger national companies, Junk Ryde typically has reduced shipping and overhead costs. This allows the customers to have competitive prices.

Junk Removal Pricing

If you are relocating, cleaning up your house, downsizing, renovating, clearing up an estate or company, cleaning out your garage, or any number of other tasks, our cheap junk removal services are perfect for you. You must wonder, when you hire professionals to remove your rubbish, how much does it cost?

No matter how big or tiny your unwanted item is, our skilled crew can transport it away in one of our dedicated junk removal vehicles. Costs for cleanouts and junk removal are based on vehicle usage, so the amount you pay will be proportional to how full the truck is. How simple it is!

Our Worksites

Our junk removal business is spread over various cities in Massachusetts state. We are operational in:

  • Westborough
  • Shrewsbury
  • Worcester
  • Grafton
  • Millbury
  • Auburn
  • Holden
  • Northborough

How We Approach Junk Removal for Homes

When you need help cleaning out clutter or undesirable rubbish from your home, our junk removal services are here to help.

For those who live in or rent out their homes, we provide a simple method for disposing of unwanted items. You don’t want to waste time waiting around all day, so we show up when we say we will and get the work done fast, we’re not the cable man.

Hiring Junk Ryde will make you feel good since we work fast and cleanly. You may also think of us as your eco-friendly choice for rubbish removal since we recycle more than anybody else.

Junk Ryde’s stellar reputation for expertise and customer service is the reason why our clients keep coming back. Thanks to clear and transparent pricing, convenient scheduling, and lightning-fast service, you avoid any hassles. Get in touch with us to set up a free, no-obligation appointment, and we’ll remove all of your unwanted items and clean up afterward.

Eco-Friendly Generosity from Your Home

The majority of the items in your home are either recyclable or composed of recyclable materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, or glass. We dismantle and recycle every item that we remove. Of the plastics found in the average home, only around 20% are recoverable.

The mission of Junk Ryde is to salvage as much usable material as possible from unwanted items so that they do not wind up in landfills. When you collaborate with us, you can be assured that you are contributing to a greener future.

To further assist the community and lessen waste, we also donate useful things to nearby nonprofits and donation centers. A stranger could benefit greatly from someone else’s old equipment or furnishings.

How We Approach Junk Removal for Commercial Places

You might think of Junk Ryde as a specialized team member who works as an extension of your company, assisting you in doing an even better job. Construction waste, property cleanouts, storage facility debris, and more are all within Junk Ryde’s purview.

Business clients may take advantage of our payment plans, which streamline billing. You may earn affiliate commissions just by referring your coworkers to Junk Ryde. When it comes to dependable, low-cost, and quick service, your company needs Junk Ryde.

How to find Junk Ryde Junk removal services in Massachusetts?

Step 1: Search

You can search for us through Google ‘Junk removal near me’ or visit our website.

Step 2: Book online

You can book your online appointment by simply sending us some photos of the items you need to be removed. You can find a form on our website to fill in the appointment details.

Step 3: We will contact you

Our team will have a look at the photos you provided and we will contact you in the shortest time possible.

Why Trust Junk Ryde

Contacting us is the first step in our straightforward approach. There are no hidden prices when you work with us since we provide an honest estimate and price upfront.

We will phone to confirm and inform you that we are en route around fifteen to thirty minutes before your booked appointment. Just point out the unwanted items when we arrive, and we will remove them.

Every day, our uniformed, fully insured employees show up prepared to go to work. We will treat your home and possessions with the utmost care and respect while we load up the trash trucks. Real experts will take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy the procedure from beginning to end.